China continues to ban Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

The Civil Aviation Administration of China will not allow the Boeing MAX 737 to operate in Boeing’s largest market due to lingering safety concerns.

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Seattle, Washington. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

According to AFP, on November 20, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced it would not allow the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to operate in Boeing’s largest market due to long-term safety concerns. accept the US lifting of its ban on commercial flights.

Boeing’s best-selling aircraft 737 MAX banned from flying worldwide in early 2019 after two accidents that killed 346 passengers.

Since then, the aircraft has faced protracted inspections and approval processes with regulators. air all around the world.

On November 20, CAAC said it was “unscheduled” for the resumption of the flights.

According to Chinese central television station CCTV, the announcement dealt a blow to the US aircraft giant.

China was the first country to suspend flights on this plane. CAAC The findings of the Indonesian and Ethiopian crashes investigations “need to be clarified” and that any improvements in aircraft design must be “efficient” and “approved,” said the report.

On November 18, the US Federal Aviation Administration approved commercial flight operations for this aircraft today.

Earlier, in October, CAAC Director Feng Zhenglin said that China’s ban on flying operations was based on a “zero tolerance” policy for potential safety hazards.

Last week, Boeing said it expects China to buy more than 8,600 new planes worth $ 1,400 billion over the next two decades, up from forecasts as domestic tourism in China has recovered to pre-existing levels. outbreak of COVID-19./.