China imposes restrictions on US diplomats

China imposes restrictions on US diplomats

China has imposed restrictions on staff members at the US embassy as well as US consulates in mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (China).

China put on the right side of the apartment building with the US officer 1
American Consulate in Hong Kong, China. (Source: AFP / VNA)

On September 11, the country imposed restrictions on staff members at the embassy as well as the US consulates in mainland China, according to a statement on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s website. Hong Kong (China) Special Administration.

However, the ministry did not elaborate on these measures.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “In order to urge the US to abolish the country’s wrong decisions as soon as possible, the Chinese side has recently sent a note announcing reciprocal restrictions on the Ambassador. US Consulates and Consulates in China, including the Consulate General in Hong Kong. “

Last week, the presidential administration Donald Trump vowed to require senior Chinese diplomats to obtain permission from the US State Department before going to universities or holding cultural events with the participation of more than 50 people outside the embassy Chinese restaurants and consulates in the US.

The US government said the measures were intended to respond to China’s restrictions on US diplomats.

Tensions between the US and China have recently increased in many areas.

On September 9, U.S. State Department said the country has withdrawn visas granted to more than 1,000 students and researchers Chinese citizens.

Last May, US President Donald Trump also issued decree 10043, stopping visas for graduate students and Chinese researchers, claiming that many of these “attempted to steal. Intellectual property rights and seeking information to support China’s “military modernization” program.

Washington believes that these are potential objects that threaten the national security of this country.

The Chinese side spoke out against the US decisions, urging Washington to increase exchanges and promote mutual understanding./.

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