China rejected the US report on Beijing’s military ambitions

According to the AFP news agency, the annual Pentagon research report on Chinese military strength, released on September 1, stated that China has either reached parity or surpassed the United States in some defense sector.

The report also added that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army aims to be ready to win any conflict with the US over the island of Taiwan, territory China has always considered their own.

The Chinese Defense Ministry today 2nd September sharply criticized the report. They say it is “completely false” and is a misunderstanding of Beijing’s “defense policy and military strategy”.

In a statement released, the Ministry of National Defense said that the Pentagon’s report “defamed China’s military modernization, defense spending, nuclear policy and other issues. “.

Beijing also says the report is the latest example of US rumors to justify its defense spending at the highest levels in the world.

The Pentagon report stated that China was determined to increase military might in order to force the US to withdraw from the region. Meanwhile, China accuses Washington of causing tensions in Asia.

The US wants to create a ‘NATO Pacific’ against China

US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun confirmed that the US is seeking NATO-style official defense relations with Australia, India and Japan, aiming to form a wall against ‘potential challenges from China. National ‘.