China resumed several international flights to Beijing from September 3

According to the AFP news agency, China’s decision to reopen the route from September 3 will apply to eight countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Canada.

Even so, all passengers are required to comply with 14 days of centralized isolation as soon as they arrive at Beijing airports and will have to go through tests for COVID-19.

“Starting September 3, international passenger flights to Beijing that had previously had to redirect destinations will be resumed gradually,” China Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) said in a statement.

However, the announcement does not specify whether passengers need to be citizens of the eight countries mentioned above.

CAAC China said that this easing began “when disease prevention and control have been normalized”. However, this agency emphasizes that policy changes can also be made at any time depending on the specific situation.

Since the end of March, all international flights to Beijing have to be diverted to other Chinese cities. There, passengers are screened for COVID-19 before arriving in Beijing, and they are also required to stay in the quarantine zones as required.

As of September 1, CAAC said there were 511 international flights to Beijing that had to be diverted like that.

Life in Beijing is now largely back to normal, although body temperature measurements are still maintained at the entrance of buildings and some places still require people to scan QR codes to record travel schedules. them in the health tracking app.

The resumption of several direct flights to Beijing is made when the rate of COVID-19 infection in China has dropped to only 8 cases recorded today on 2nd September.

However, China is still very cautious about the risk of infection from other countries. Currently, most foreigners are still banned from entering China.