China will restrain untrusted foreign entities

China will restrict “untrustworthy foreign entities”.

For “untrustworthy foreign entities,” China can punish or restrict business-investment activities as well as restrict personnel or equipment entering the country.

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The US accuses China’s Tik Tok application (left) of threatening the national security of this country. (Photo: Kyodo / VNA)

On September 19, China announced that it had officially implemented a mechanism to help it limit “the entity is not trusted foreign companies, “a move that analysts say is Beijing’s retaliation against US sanctions against Chinese companies such as Huawei telecommunications conglomerate.

The Ministry of Commerce’s announcement did not mention any specific foreign entities, but pointed to factors that could cause the country to impose sanctions, including penalties or restrictions. business operations and investment at China, as well as restricting personnel or equipment in this country.

China will consider sanctions against entities that “compromise national sovereignty, national security and development interests” or violate “commercial and economic regulations adopted by the international community. accept.”

China made such move in the context of increasing trade tensions between it and the US.

The US used its “list of untrusted entities” to ban Huawei from entering the country’s market on the grounds of national security.

Most recently, on September 18, the US Department of Commerce announced any move to distribute or maintain WeChat either TikTok on online app stores will be banned from September 20.

In addition, the storage or transfer of WeChat-related Internet traffic will be banned from September 20.

A similar ban with the TikTok app will take effect later, starting November 12. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross accused these Chinese applications “posing a threat to national security, foreign policy and the US economy.”

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce firmly opposed the US decision, and stated that if the US does not correct its mistakes, Beijing will take the necessary measures to protect the legitimate interests of these measures. Chinese company./.

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