Chinese Maglev train can “run” up to 600 km / hour

The French TGV looks like a turtle facing the Chinese Maglev train which has the capacity to reach a speed of 600 km / hour. A speed that makes it the fastest land transport in the world.

A top speed of 600 km / hour

China inaugurated its new high-speed train on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. His particuliarity ? It is the fastest in the world and can reach a speed of 600 km / hour. Inaugurated in the city of Qingdao in China where it is manufactured, this Ultra-fast TGV is also the fastest land vehicle in the world.

Its speed relies on the technology used to move it forward. Indeed, the new Chinese TGV does not run on ordinary rails, it advances thanks to electricity and is based on the German Maglev system which means “magnetic levitation”. Thus, the Chinese TGV does not touch the rails but floats at 8-10 millimeters thanks to a system of magnets which pushes the train back.

From Beijing to Shanghai in 2 hours

It is this magnetic levitation system that allows the Chinese TGV to reach such high speeds. In France, TGVs cannot exceed the limit of 320 km / hour due to the resistance created by the rolling and the friction effect, which slows down the train. The Maglev system also helps reduce noise pollution caused by normal trains. However, launched at very high speed, the Chinese TGV will also be a source of noise pollution.

So far, China has only inaugurated one line of this new ultra-fast train. It connects Shanghai Pudong Airport to Longyang Road Station in the heart of the city. With such a system, it will soon be possible to significantly reduce the transport time in China. For the moment, to reach Beijing from Shanghai, it takes five hours by train, with the Maglev train, it would only take a little more than two hours to cover the 1,300 km.