Coconut Girl Aesthetic: what is this trend and how to use it

Coconut Girl Aesthetic is the new summer trend that is booming on TikTok. Self tanners, mermaids, tropical skirts and temporary tattoos, that’s the fashion trend you’re going this summer. We’ve revealed everything you need to adopt that 2000s surfer look.

Collecting the shells to make necklaces, the platform slippers, the temporary dolphin tattoos, the ‘ tops’ with towel skirts… Did we just unlock some memories of your childhood summers?

Well, because that’s what the ‘Coconut Girl’ aesthetics. Just like cottagecore or e-girl trends, it’s an aesthetic born in TikTok and in the work of generation Z , which for a few seasons is determined to resurrect all the trends of the late 2000s.

Like all trends, the ‘coco girl’ has a series of pieces that are easy to incorporate to our wardrobe so that this summer you can be the ‘coolest’ on the beach.

What is a Coconut Girl?

The ‘coqueirinhas’ are inspired by nostalgic summers we ride, on Hawaiian beaches with surfers and coconut trees, and in seaside tourist towns where the ice cream never ends.

How to dress a Coconut Girl

To dress like a ‘coconut girl’ you just need to collect all those ‘tops’ with dolphin, flower and starfish designs that you wore as a child and add some of the trends this season , like the crochet tops, slippers high-necked platform or mini dresses.

summer bikinis

At the same time, you can play with overlays like a colorful bikini top over a print, a bikini bottom that comes out of a miniskirt… The trick is to make it look like you’re going to the beach or coming back from it.

coconut girl

What accessories does coconut girl use

Like any look inspired by the 2000s, girls who adopt this aesthetic tend to cover their hair with butterfly clips, piranhas and clips to secure them. But colored braids and extensions are also the basis of this aesthetic.

If you like sunglasses with tinted lenses, a fisherman’s hat and Von Dutch trucker caps, you’re in luck, because they’re also a must-have for protecting yourself from the summer sun like a ‘coconut girl’.

As for jewelry, it’s very easy because it takes everything maritime-inspired and fun. necklaces of shell and beads, marine-inspired earrings, plastic rings with fun shapes… Anything that reminds you of the depths of the sea welcome.

coconut girl accessories

coconut girl aesthetic