Cocooning room: what decorating ideas?

With the arrival of autumn, are you starting to invest more in your interior? Do you dream of a soothing and relaxing place to spend your long winter evenings? A room that welcomes you for reading, watching television or relaxing … But how to decorate a room in a cocooning way?

The cocooning room is the marriage of warmth and comfort. It is a soft piece that often recalls the Scandinavian decorating worlds, that is to say with wood and light colors. A cocooning room is above all round and soft objects and a cozy atmosphere. Soft blankets and rugs, soft throws, enveloping duvets, lots of cushions and candles are the essential pieces of a successful cocooning room. Here are ideas to face the cold weather or for the rest of the year when the mood takes you: decorating ideas for enveloping rooms like cocoons that make you want to curl up in them, warm.

Natural wood for a soft bedroom

How about setting up a room like a mountain chalet? Wooden parquet on the floor, paneling on the walls, cushions, blankets and other rugs and you are well bundled up for days and nights in the shelter. Wood, a noble and warm material par excellence, is sufficient in itself to make any room a haven of peace. Choose it raw, solid or natural. Light woods will be the ones that will best suit your cocooning room decoration.

Trendy animal skins for a pleasant atmosphere

From the bed to the floor, adorn your room with animal skins or faux fur. They will make you want to laze whole weekends under the duvet. To dress a floor or a bed, it’s a neat idea! Although considered obsolete at one time, they are making a strong comeback. Opt for synthetic or faux fur, they will give character and relief to your room. Obviously, this is a cocooning decoration, not a wild atmosphere, give preference to a sheepskin or cow skin.

Candles for a Zen atmosphere

You don’t always think about it thinking that it can be dangerous, but nothing beats candles to make a room pleasant. They bring both warmth and softness. Enough to make your space zen. If you are afraid of forgetting them, choose LED ones. Or prefer an oil lamp.

Soft colors for a delicate atmosphere

Beige, taupe, pale pink are the colors that are part of the decoration of a cocooning room. They easily soften a room and their neutrality makes the atmosphere soothing. You can use them in monochrome. That is to say choose one and decline it in all tones.

Immaculate white for a 100% wadded room

For a vaporous design and the impression of sleeping on a soft cloud, opt for white in total look. Create a cocoon with a duvet cover and white cushions. Wadding, cotton, white is everywhere within reach. Welcome to your haven of peace.

Soft light for a comforting room

Make your cocoon a refined, nicely lit room. The ideal is to opt for variable brightness lighting, so as to create a more or less cozy atmosphere. Also choose discreet string lights and a light to install above your bed. Of course, nothing too dazzling. If necessary, rather than a single light source illuminating your room too brightly, multiply the light sources (small lamps, wall lights, etc.). By multiplying the sources of light in this way, you will almost have the feeling of having a fireplace in your room! And what could be better than snuggling up by the fire when it’s gray outside?

Soft cushions for a cozy bedroom

What could be more welcoming than a room with a multitude of cushions, bed throws and throws? Vary the patterns, colors, materials so as to give texture to your decoration. For flawlessness, choose natural and pastel colors. So dare the color in the cocooning room as long as it is like the atmosphere, as soft as you want!

Numerous plaids for a cozy bedroom

Again, vary the colors, materials, prints. You can have it everywhere: on a fireplace, on an armchair, on your bed, etc. Throws promise to warm up your long winter evenings. What could be better than a large knitted woolen plaid? Beyond the decorative and trendy aspect, this accessory has the merit of making you want to hide under it to warm up when it’s cold outside. The important thing for a cocooning decoration is to choose plaids in a material that is both warm and enveloping. As long as your plaid is placed on a sofa covered with the most welcoming velvet, you will want to become more and more homey.

A welcoming floor for a comfortable bedroom

Think of rugs, but think bigger by thinking about the floor covering in the room. A seagrass placed on the ground can quite warm a room. Put a few animal skins on it and here is your room, prepared for the cold, in cocooning mode. Of course, the appropriate coating is undoubtedly the carpet. Both excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, it exists in a large number of colors. And offers the most pleasant feeling every time you step on it!

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