Coffee grounds: what uses in the garden and at home?

Why spend money on toxic products when you have a natural and biodegradable solution on hand that can do wonders in the garden and at home? This is the coffee grounds. Worldwide, more than two million cups of coffee are tasted every sixty seconds and we are a little more than 7 in 10 in France to drink coffee every day. That’s tons of grounds that we could all use on a daily basis. The planet would be better off for it and so would we … Discover the many uses of marc in the garden and in the home.

Coffee grounds: a real ally in the garden

While many gardeners treasure this coffee percolation residue in order to use it on plants, it is because they know how precious it is. They use it as well as natural fertilizer that to eradicate manyunwanted which prove harmful to many ornamental plants or the vegetable garden. The coffee grounds are:

  • Ecological,
  • Economic,
  • Easy to use,
  • Rich in :
    • Phosphorus,
    • Nitrogen,
    • Potassium.
  • Perfect to facilitate sowing,
  • Ideal for myciculture because it promotes the growth of fungi,
  • Very suitable, because of its acidity, to reinforce the blue color of hydrangeas,
  • Effective to fight against:
    • Gastropods like slugs and snails,
    • The ants,
    • Aphids.
  • Ideal for keeping cats away,
  • Unstoppable to melt the snow covering the terrace and the walkways but also to make them less slippery in the event of ice,
  • Indispensable to the good aeration of the cultivated soil since it attracts earthworms, these earthworms whose role in the garden is essential. Coffee grounds are also admirable in vermicompost where it makes earthworms more active and boosts the digestion of organic matter in these worms.

After this overview, we understand how essential coffee grounds are in the garden in all circumstances.

It can be either directly spread on the areas to be treated against unwanted people after each heavy rain, or incorporated into the soil or to topsoil at the time of planting or repotting at a rate of 30 to 50%. Thus, young plants will be able to benefit from the gradual diffusion of the nutrients it contains.

We can prepare a homemade liquid fertilizer based on coffee grounds for use on indoor plants. To do this, all you have to do is pour the grounds from the filter of the coffee maker into a can containing 150 ml of water and then leave the mixture obtained to stand for two days in the laundry room after having shaken it well. All that remains is to filter the preparation with a Chinese kitchen-type strainer to obtain an enriched water to use on all the plants in the house or on the patio.

Coffee grounds: an essential product at home

As soon as you start to use the coffee grounds instead of throwing them away, you can hardly do without them later because this brown powder is useful on several levels. The coffee grounds are:

  • Slightly abrasive,
  • Deodorant,
  • Degreaser.

Coffee grounds for cleaning, scouring, degreasing

Distributed over the cold ash from barbecue or fireplace, wet coffee grounds limit the formation of fine dust which can then be hardly eliminated, especially since the ash leaves black marks on clothes and carpets. It can therefore be used regularly in winter and summer.

Placed directly on a sponge or microfiber cloth, it allows clean the stainless steel sink, the kitchen worktop, the glass or plastic shelves of the refrigerator, but also the bathtub, the shower, the sinks, the taps … It cleans without scratching and is simply rinsed with water.

For eliminate fat at the bottom of pots, pans, casseroles and sauté pans, coffee grounds are again very useful. It is sprinkled generously on the surface to be cleaned in order to eliminate the fat without damaging its utensils and without using cubic meters of boiling water.

Coffee grounds for top pipes

The coffee grounds also allowmaintain the pipes without resorting to chemical unblockers. It eliminates the grease that clogs the walls of the pipes, but also soap scum, hair and hair that always end up clogging the pipes. You can pour a spoonful into the sink and sinks every day, then run a little very hot water. It is an extremely effective natural solution to put an end to the pipes which clog regularly and there is no more risk of suffering the inconvenience due to the foul odors which come up from the pipes.

Coffee grounds to deodorize

Excellent natural deodorant, coffee grounds can be used pure, simply placed in a pot that is placed in the refrigerator to eliminate the odors of cheese or leftover broccoli for example. Added to the wax of a candle, it can be used as an air freshener in the living room, in the kitchen, in the toilets …

But you can simply put in the home as in the garage or in the cellar small pots or old stockings filled with coffee grounds so that after a few days, it has absorbed the bad smells. Finally, if you want to radically eliminate the smell of fish or garlic on your hands – where soaps fail – you simply wash them with coffee grounds. In addition to smelling good, they will have undergone a peel and will therefore be ultra soft.

Coffee grounds to hide a scratch on dark wood

On the side of dark wood furniture, the marc sometimes works miracles. You just need to put a very small amount on a damp cotton ball with which you then dab on the stripes. They will be less visible. A solution that is better to avoid to hide scratches on light wood.

Pomace against flies and cockroaches

You can simply use the coffee grounds to no longer suffer from certain unwanted people at home or on the terrace. It repels flies that hate its smell. To put an end to cockroaches, we must develop a junk trap. This brown gold is placed at the bottom of a plastic bottle containing water and the neck of which has been cut to return it. Critters attracted to the smell of coffee will get caught in the trap.

In the garden as at home, coffee grounds are therefore very useful and quite simply replace many commercial products which are known to be toxic to the environment and to health. But its virtues do not stop there: it is a anti cellulite efficient, a exfoliating astonishing, a concealer formidable, in short one beauty product to use without moderation.