Coins and gold bars discovered in a house in the Jura

You have no doubt heard of this fabulous treasure discovered very recently in a house located in the Jura.

The treasure goes to the town

It was the elected officials of the town of Morez who stumbled upon coins and gold bars hidden in drawers while visiting the house that the town had just acquired. The business is good, since the house cost 130,000 euros, and the treasure weighs at least more than 500,000. The municipality will be able to keep all of this sum, since the seller of the house, a distant heir to the previous owners, no longer has any rights over it!

He sold it “as is”, with what it contained. If you too find a treasure one day, I sincerely hope you will, therefore remember these few rules: If you find a treasure on a piece of land or in a house that belongs to you, it will come back to you in full. On the other hand, if you discover a treasure on land belonging to the State, a municipality or even a third party, then you can only claim half of its value.

The discovery must be due to chance

Warning: we talk about the discovery of treasure when it is fortuitous, that is to say that you come across it by chance. Exactly as for the elected officials of the city of Morez. If you arm yourself with shovels, pickaxes, a metal detector, you become an archaeologist or a treasure hunter.

And that is regulated, and very often, prohibited. Now, if you find a treasure and tell no one about it, it may pass. But if you get caught, not only do you risk losing the treasure, but as a bonus you will be fined.

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