Comic book dogs: what breed are Snowy, Rantanplan, Dogmatix, Bill and Snoopy?

Smart, clumsy, green, facetious or philosopher, these star dogs comic books have a unique character. But by the way, to what race canine belong Snowy, Rantanplan, Dogmatix, Bill and Snoopy? Our investigation.


Participating in all the adventures of the famous reporter Tintin, Snowy is endowed with a keen intuition enabling him to sense the dangers which lie in wait for his master. What’s his race ? The answer is provided by Hergé himself, comic book author, interviewed on the show Thirty million friends : “Snowy is of a breed which is approximately the wire-haired fox. A little bastard all the same, and if I chose it, it is that at the time these dogs were in fashion. »As intelligent as he is stubborn, the Fox Terrier is a hunt Briton known for his tenacity, courage and vivacity. Selected to track down foxes (fox in English) even in their burrows, this canine breed deploys speed, endurance and combativeness when it comes to defending itself against its prey. Grumpy and homey, Snowy is however good at sniffing out the good ones tracks and help Tintin to get out of perilous situations.


Although often accompanying lucky Luke, Rantanplan belongs to Pavlov, a prison guard. First appearing on the album On the trail of the Dalton, the quadruped comes from a breed never mentioned in the story. With her tousled brown and black coat, her skinny figure, her huge truffle and his dazed gaze, Rantanplan is not a beauty prize. On the other hand, he frequently – and unintentionally – comes to the aid of comic book characters, thus producing funny situations. If its physical characteristics initially make think of a dog of Saint-Hubert, the myth wants that it descends from a German shepherd (from which it borrows the ears pricked) and of a english greyhound which bequeathed him his thinness. The animal has at least two brothers: the older one looks like a coyote and the younger one is a Pekingese. Parody of the famous canine actor Rintintin – endowed with a rare intelligence – Rantanplan is, on the contrary, considered as a dog more stupid than his shadow.


Following faithfully Asterix and Obelix, Dogmatix is ​​a tiny white dog with black ear and tail tips. Found by chance at the door of a delicatessen in Lutèce, the dog has paws very short. Deeming difficult to animate a character thus decked out, the cartoonists suggested to Albert Uderzo modify the physical characteristics of the animal. The doggie then adopted a more slender and more members long. The indeterminate race of Idefix is ​​similar to the white schnauzer, the Maltese bichon and the westie. It is also a West Highland white terrier who played in the films taken from the comics. This nature lover rebels against tree felling, to the point of crying, of getting angry or of losing consciousness. Dogmatix has a good flair but Obelix uses only to track menhirs. At first, the little dog didn’t have a name. Through a competition, the newspaper Pilot then asked its readers and among the many suggestions, Dogmatix won the day.


Ball – little boy of 7 years old – and Bill are the heroes of the comic strip created in 1959 by Jean Roba. Their story was adapted for television in 1969 and then more recently in a French film. Bill’s breed is no secret: he’s a red-haired English cocker spaniel who can make himself understood by pointing his big ears in certain directions. The animal also knows how to get what it wants by borrowing the famous “gaze of beaten dog »Specific to cockers. Like his master, Bill is a environmentalist with a big heart who does not hesitate to rescue birds in distress. If the quadruped delights in pastries, he does not like cats, neither the factors, nor the baths. Its main flaw? He can’t help but do something stupid, much to the chagrin of Boule’s parents. Inspired by Belgian comics, a feature film was shot with Franck Dubosc, Marina Foïs and three cockers. Named Funky, the main canine actor had been abandoned at the Hermeray SPA (78) by a family who felt overwhelmed by their character. The dog only stayed at the shelter for three weeks before being adopted by a trainer animals for cinema. Whimsical and overflowing with energy, the cocker spaniel was indeed not to be placed in just any hands. He now lives in an environment ideal.


Snoopy is arguably the most famous dog in American comics. The main character of the comic strip Peanuts, was born in 1950 under the pencil stroke of Charles M. Schulz. Originally, comics focused on the adventures of Charlie brown, unlucky boy and baseball fan, but the animal quickly stole the show. Snoopy, a white beagle, has many siblings including Andy, Belle, Marbles, Olaf and Spike. As for Woodstock, a little bird, he will become his best friend and his confidant over the pages. Snoopy doesn’t behave like a dog but like a human : he walks on two legs, meditates and talks. Often lying on the roof of his niche, his gaze riveted on the sky, he dreams of himself as a fighter pilot or astronaut, running for the title of “first beagle to walk on the moon”.