Commercial premises will no longer be able to become tourist accommodation

A decree allowing mayors to submit this type of rental to authorization will come into force on July 1, 2021.

Preserving the employment / habitat balance

Starting the July 1, 2021, municipalities are entitled to refuse the development of a commercial premises by its owner into a living space in order to put his property on short-term rental. It was one of the objectives of the city of Paris for fight against the deployment of Airbnb and preserve the balance between employment, housing, shops and services in the territory.

The implementing decree put in place by the Ministry of Ecological Transition concerns Paris but also all the municipalities which have implemented the registration number procedure for furnished apartments subject to seasonal rental. According to The Parisian, “More and more individuals, but above all professionals, holding companies and even investment funds, are snapping up this type of property to divide them into apartments and rent them out on platforms where they maximize their profitability”.

A decree transposable by municipalities

Elected officials such as Ian Brossat, deputy in charge of housing at the mayor of Paris, and Anne Hidalgo welcome the publication of this decree because they felt they were ” helpless in the face of this system ”. As of July 1, the trend may be reversed and municipalities may define the eligibility criteria of this decree and the areas in which it will be applied (certain neighborhoods, streets and squares of a city). On the other hand, the decree does not automatically apply to the territories. It will be up to town halls to transpose it and submit their text to the vote of the municipal council.

For example, the city of Paris plans to submit the transposed text to the municipal council during the fall so that things change in summer 2022. This leaves time for real estate owners to change the destination from business premises to tourist accommodation.