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Compulsory teleworking: one in five HRDs has not implemented it

While teleworking is supposed to be the rule, a study reveals that 18% of Human Resources Directors or HRDs have not implemented it in their companies.

18% of HRD concerned

Telecommuting is the rule ”The government has been claiming since the start of the pandemic. More than a year after the start of the Covid-19 crisis, a study conducted by the consultancy firm Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson highlights that one in five HRDs, i.e. 18%, has never implemented a policy to organize and implement teleworking within the company.

The study also reveals that among the HRDs questioned, a third does not intend to put in place a specific policy. The consultancy firm Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson also highlights that this finding is stronger in small businesses with fewer than 500 employees than in large companies.

A policy to regulate teleworking

So close to 33% of HRDs do not intend to put in place a specific policy to supervise teleworking, 43% of those questioned state that they will, during the year, adopt new measures to better regulate teleworking. A reality that is very far from government directives, which wants 100% telework as soon as the missions allow it.

Among the HRDs who have set up teleworking within the company, 50% say they have set up two days of telework per week, 25% have set up one day and only 15% have set up three days of teleworking. On Twitter, Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor recalled on January 27, 2021: ” Telecommuting remains the rule 5 days out of 5 for all tasks that can be done remotely. A still distant reality.

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