Computer Hacking: How Can Businesses Protect Themselves? – EconomyMorning

You have no doubt heard of the hacking of which hospitals have been victims in recent days, all over France.

Companies victims of computer hacking

We talk less about it, but companies, small or large, are also too often victims of computer attacks, paralyzing their activity for several days, sometimes several weeks. Some take months or even years to recover when they do. Disturbing you will say to me. But you ? Are you totally immune? And what would be the consequences for you if the family computer was blocked? Of the loss of all your emails? The disappearance of your digital archives? I have the answer. It would be between very annoying and catastrophic.

Just the loss of your payslips, which more and more employees receive and store in PDF format, sets you up for big trouble when you have to file for unemployment or rebuild your career for retirement. To avoid this, there are several solutions.

Back up your data

The first, the least obvious and yet the most effective, is to regularly back up data from your computer to an external hard drive. When we see that a hard drive of 1 Terabyte, which is enormous, costs 30 euros, we must not deprive ourselves. With this, your entire computer including the system can be backed up regularly. If you only want to save one folder, a USB key is enough, we find less than 5 euros for 8 Gigas, which is already huge.

The second is to use an anti-virus program, at least on a PC. Even the free versions are effective for everyone. Finally, remember to change your passwords, and to avoid forgetting them, write them down, but on paper! Not in your smartphone or in a document on your computer. You can laugh: this is what most people do.

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