Concrete swimming pool: advantages, disadvantages, construction price

Owning an in-ground concrete swimming pool is the dream many owners. This is the type of ideal basin to decorate a land, the enhance, and allow the whole family to enjoy the pleasures of swimming at will. Let’s take a look at the concrete swimming pool, its many advantages, its few drawbacks, the budget to plan for its construction, and also see whether or not it is in your interest to build it yourself.

Traditional concrete swimming pool: its many advantages

At time refine your in-ground swimming pool project, you obviously have to know what type of pool you want to have, either in shell or in concrete. The concrete swimming pool is the one that wins the most votes. Concrete is a popular material and there is nothing surprising about this because the assets of a concrete pool are really numerous, as the following points show.

  • Resistant to bad weather and to the wear of time, the concrete pool is therefore durable for many years.
  • Perfectly waterproof.
  • Available in different variations, namely:
    • in shotcrete,
    • in poured concrete or plugged concrete,
    • in concrete blocks,
    • in modular reinforced concrete panels, this is called the concrete pool kit.
  • Made-to-measure swimming pool since it can be personalized without any limit. You can for example opt for:
    • a small or on the contrary huge swimming pool, a swimming lane, an infinity pool …
    • a classic or more original or even totally unique shape, the choice being endless,
    • its preferred swimming pool coating such as mosaic, liner, waxed concrete, ceramic tiles, glass enamel, etc.,
    • the color of his choice.
  • Adapts to any type of terrain, whether flat or very steep, the concrete pool can even be built in a mountainous area, but this may require digging in the rock, requiring a preliminary study of the soil.
  • Adds a capital gain to a property, which is a significant asset in the event of resale of his house since we can achieve this way a return on investment.

It goes without saying, for the concrete swimming pool to have all these qualities, it must be built in the rules of art, that is to say by a professional expert in swimming pools.

Inground concrete swimming pool: its disadvantages

Before deciding on the construction of a concrete swimming pool, you should know that it has, despite all its advantages, some disadvantages namely:

  • A relatively long construction period given the scale of the work. Depending on the configuration of the land, the complexity of the project, the weather conditions, the work can last between 5 and 12 weeks, knowing that just for the drying of the concrete, you have to wait at least a month.
  • The price of the swimming pool, which is relatively high even for a small pool compared to an above-ground swimming pool, and which increases considerably according to its surface, its shape, the ground, the type of concrete, the services chosen …

Of course, you must also take into account the cost of year-round maintenance, which is absolutely essential to prolong the longevity of your bathing area.

Hard pool (concrete): construction price

Considering the construction of a concrete swimming pool is a nice project, but its magnitude should not be overlooked. It is therefore well upstream that we must seriously consider this idea, if only to budget your purchase. Here are some useful tips for doing a first overall cost estimate of the operation that you want to entrust to a professional.

We first choose the construction technique, namely:

  • Shotcrete swimming pool: from 25,000 to 55,000 €. This is how the one-piece reinforced concrete shell is manufactured. Concrete can be sprayed:
    • either by the technique of gunning also called dry process. It is simply moistened at the time of its projection.
    • or wet. In this case, it is prepared before being delivered by truck and then projected immediately.
  • Poured concrete swimming pool or trendy concrete: from 20,000 to 50,000 €. Formwork is first made and then the concrete is poured inside. The professional can use the method of permanent formwork (or lost) which therefore remains in place, or to that of the recoverable formwork which represents a temporary structure that can be reused on other sites (the latter is therefore more economical).
  • Concrete block swimming pool: between 18,000 and 30,000 €. It is the cheapest model. The walls of the basin are mounted in the same way as a concrete block wall, but we integrate a reinforced belt as well as stiffening posts in order to guarantee perfect resistance to the pressure of the water.
  • Pool in modular reinforced concrete panels, this is called the concrete pool kit: between 15,000 and 33,000 €. The panels are delivered ready to be installed. It is a technique which allows a significant saving of time.

These price ranges observed at the national level concern concrete swimming pools falling into the category of 35 to 70 m3. If you want a very large swimming pool, uniquely shaped, and depending on its coating, the necessary budget can be much higher. Likewise, it takes a substantial amount to build a swimming pool on extremely sloping ground because it may require digging into the rock and erecting a retaining wall after having had the essential soil study carried out … All this costs a lot. expensive, of the order of several tens of thousands of euros.

To these prices are of course added the cost of earthworks, but also all ancillary expenses for the filtration and heating devices, the copings, the beach or the terrace, the technical room, the swimming pool safety system and the decoration of its aquatic area … global cost can only be obtained on estimate since it is calculated case by case.

Building your own swimming pool: is it really worth it?

If this is the wish of the owner of the land, it is in his interest to opt for the concrete pool kit because the work requires less time than in other cases, and the construction of the pool is a little less complex.

However, building your own swimming pool can only be considered by extremely skilled people, experienced, who have a perfect knowledge in the field of construction and what is more, know how to use the various tools and machinery specific to this type of work. It is not given to everyone to build a swimming pool, and to risk it when we know nothing about it, it is doom your project to failure. For example, a retaining wall not made in the rules of the art has every chance of collapsing, a non-conforming concrete basin can crack … The slightest error of assessment and the whole structure is what is put in danger. In short, it is better to rely on craftsmen.

Call on a professional and give him the all construction work for a concrete swimming poolis to exercise wisdom. We thus benefit from a perfectly constructed concrete swimming pool but also from the ten-year guarantee. To play the competition, it is possible to use a online comparator. A few clicks are enough to receive several quotes. The process is free and without any commitment.