Confinement: childminders authorized to welcome children

Although the government would like parents to avoid having their offspring looked after by a nanny, childminders are ultimately allowed to take in children during confinement.

Nannies and home workers can still work during confinement

End clap for the quack concerning the childminders. Thursday April 1, 2021, after the announcement of the third confinement of Emmanuel Macron, there was talk of forbidding childminders to take in children for the next three weeks in order to be “en consistency with nurseries “. However, the government quickly turned around and reversed its decision soon after.

On April 2, Élisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor, said on BFMTV that “ all home-based employees can continue to exercise their activity “. This statement particularly concerns nannies. On the same day, the government issued a press release giving more details. “S” when it comes to individual childcare outside the home (maternal assistant, micro-crèche), the government recommends that parents, in a spirit of collective responsibility, not to use this childcare system, except in cases of absolute necessity, in order to do everything to curb the circulation of the virus “.

Have your children looked after by a childminder in the event of ” of absolute necessity

In other words, it is better to avoid looking after your children but it is still possible, with each parent to determine what the terms “mean” absolute necessity “. Finally, everyone places the cursor where they want it. In order to meet demand, the reception capacity of childminders has been increased. They can now accommodate 6 children at the same time.

To best accommodate our dear darlings, brunettes or redheads, a reinforced health protocol has been put in place. This is obviously to increase vigilance regarding the symptoms of Covid-19. Otherwise, in order to compensate for the hours not worked, childminders may benefit from a partial activity scheme during this period.