Connemara: all you need to know about this breed of pony

This pony is from the Irish region whose name it bears: the Connemara. The place experiences a harsh climate with rugged and mountainous relief. This small native horse was already on these lands four centuries BC It is the ancestor of the Connemara pony that we know today.

Connemara’s blood supply

To arrive at the current Connemara pony breed it took many horse breeds like:

  • The Clydesdale
  • The English Thoroughbred
  • The Arabian Thoroughbred

This pony is very athletic and also brings his blood to other breeds of ponies to give them this quality.

The physical characteristics of Connemara

The Connemara head is medium and thin. She has a broad forehead and wears heavy ganaches. Its neckline is tall as well as his body whose back is strong for a well-defined withers and a large thorax. His hindquarters are muscular and his limbs short and very strong. The dress is magpie, gray, bay, isabelle, black or palomino. Connemara has free paces and covers a lot of ground thanks to a large amplitude.

Character and behavior of the Connemara pony

This pony is very affectionate and intelligent. It is lively and versatile. He learns easily because he has an excellent mind. Courageous and reliable, it is also a delight for riders thanks to its rapid learning capacities.

Using the Connemara Pony

The Connemara is a pony easily adapting to recreational riding, but above all it is very good at competition. It is found on all competition grounds on the planet. The three disciplines in which he shines are:

  • Dressage
  • Show jumping (show jumping)
  • The CCE

Connemara is very versatile, it is still used for TREC and endurance or coupling. In France, this pony is the n ° 1 in sport. It is best to avoid using it in western riding and for racing.

Connemara classes

The Connemara pony can breed in the French stud book since 1er January 2006 following breed modifications. These ponies are presented before a commission and are accompanied by a veterinary certificate with favorable opinion. Male and female breeders are divided into three classes:

  • Class 1: males of at least three years and females of at least two years measuring between 120 cm and 148 cm with favorable veterinary opinion and jury score of at least 15/20
  • Class 2: males at least three years old and female at least two years old with a jury score of less than 15/20, favorable veterinary opinion or a score greater than 15/20 and size greater than 148 cm
  • Class 3: foals registered at birth, ponies not presented to the classification committee or having obtained an unfavorable opinion at the veterinary inspection.

These classifications are the guarantee of the class criteria.

Connemara’s health

The Connemara pony is hardy and enjoys a excellent health. Its weak point is the Hoof wall separation syndrome. This genetic disease is transmitted by the parents. If it is detected early enough, then it is possible to limit it so that it does not grow too much.

Connemara maintenance

The maintenance of this friendly pony is very easy. When it is gray, it is necessary to groom its dress frequently enough to keep it clean. He also needs to see a farrier regularly for his irons or the trimming of his hooves.

Breeding in France

In France, Connemara has been imported into Normandy and Poitou-Charentes since the 1960s. In 1969, the AFPC or Association Française du Poney Connemara appears in Lisieux. The Connemara breed is then developed in Brittany then in the Morvan and Burgundy. This breed is then present in Pays de Loire, Auvergne, Midi-Pyrénées and Rhône-Alpes. Behind Ireland, France is today the second largest herd of the breed in the world. There are currently more than 370 breeding places in Connemara France. Its purchase price varies between € 1,000 and € 8,000. Every year, the French Connemara Pony Association organizes two events with the French breeding championship or National Connemara and the French Connemara or National Connemara aptitudes championship for 3-year-old riders.

You can acquire a Connemara pony for your child or for yourself, because he is a dream companion with so many qualities. Its size varies between 128 cm and 148 cm and it is very easy to assemble. Long hours of ballads await you with this faithful and docile companion.

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