Consume better: the UFC-Que Choisir launches the Quelproduit application – EconomyMorning

Monday March 15, 2021, UFC-What to Choose launches its free app “Quelproduit”. It deciphers food, cosmetics and household products in order to allow its users to consume better.

“Quelproduit”, the free app from UFC-What to Choose to consume better

To help you find your way around when shopping for food, cosmetics and household products, UFC-What to Choose on Monday March 15, 2021, International Day of Consumer Rights, its mobile application “Quelproduit”. Free, and collaborative, it “ allows you to check the safety and composition of the products you buy “. To get it, just download it from App Store or Google play.

Once “Quelproduit” is installed, the shopping is yours! All you need to do is scan the barcode of a food, cosmetic or household product and a note appears. Several information will then appear on the screen of your smartphone: Nutri-Score, additives, nutritional values, undesirable substances, allergens, endocrine disruptors, salt, sugar, fat, list of ingredients, etc. Everything is there ! Best of all, the app offers you a list of top rated alternatives in the same category.

“Quelproduit”: an interactive and collaborative application

“Quelproduit” is an interactive application and allows consumers to “ help increase the number of referrals “.If you scan a product that we do not have in our database, the application will offer to send us information about it. “. According to UFC-Que Choose, the fact that everyone can enrich this database must make it possible to thwart ” the strategy of brands that do not play the game of transparency “.

Although “Whatproduct” is free, users can donate to support this application funded by the UFC-Que Choisir Endowment Fund.