Consume CBD: how and for what purposes? – EconomyMorning

Derived from hemp plants, CBD (or cannabidiol) is a legal substance in France. Devoid of euphoric properties and not being addictive, CBD can be marketed to consumers recently.

CBD infusions, for their soothing and relaxing properties

Since the order of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) of November 19, 2020, which confirmed that CBD is not part of narcotics, its marketing is tolerated in Europe, and therefore in France. Although the authorities have never expressly authorized CBD, it has never been banned either, and this court ruling is a landmark. (In France, it is just forbidden to handle THC flowers, for this reason whole plants are handled in other countries, and only finished CBD products are taxed on French territory.) So why go without to try this legal substance which has many virtues?

CBD is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. For peaceful sleep and muscle relaxation, it can be consumed as an infusion, alone or with other plants (chamomile, lime, etc.). This last option is also preferred by people who find its taste too pronounced. Be careful, however: do not drink too much. If you do not feel the effects of this herbal tea immediately, this is normal: just like a medicine, it takes a long time to work.

CBD resin and oil: there are many uses

Despite its visual resemblance to cannabis resin, CBD resin is a legal substance. And for good reason: the rate of THC (which is prohibited because it is a drug … but that our deputies wish to see legalized anyway) is less than 0.2%. Just like CBD infusions, CBD resin can also be consumed as a drink, by adding fat (milk for example). Or you can opt for vaporization: just place a small ball in the tank, then activate the vaporizer.

On you can also buy CBD in the form of oil. You can put it on the skin to relieve muscle pain, or to fight acne. It is also possible to add them to recipes.

CBD e-liquids for your electronic cigarettes

Finally, CBD-based e-liquids exist for electronic cigarettes. They mainly contain propylene glycol and then, to a lesser extent, vegetable glycerin and, finally, CBD. Some may contain the food additive E152. This makes it possible to produce the sensation of a hit, and therefore to induce a sensation closer to the classic cigarette to its user, in addition to reinforcing the taste. The most commonly purchased e-liquids have a concentration of 100 mg. Although higher concentrations (300 or 400 mg) are also available, smoking should not be done without precautions or for an extended period.

The CBD market is expected to expand considerably in the coming years. According to Deloitte’s estimate, its size is expected to reach $ 17 billion in 2026.