Consumers: how to assert your rights? – EconomyMorning

Today I will praise persistence and determination. These two virtues, do not doubt it, pay off, on condition of course not to give up along the way.

Customers have rights

I am speaking here in the eco minute of consumers determined to enforce their rights, or to ensure that their point of view is taken into account.

Latest example: the replacement of a mobile phone, the subject of a worldwide recall by the manufacturer. With the containment measures, some consumers were unable to return their device in time to receive a free exchange.

Never mind, we must not let go of the matter. Hours of calling with the after-sales service, and two visits to the store, just before confinement, allowed me to win my case. And if I am telling you about it today, it is precisely because it is the determination that has paid off. “If you had not insisted so much, we would not have given in”.

Insist on the after-sales service to win the case

I have examples in spades of the same ilk. The television which had to be delivered upstairs, because the option for delivery upstairs had been chosen, and which ultimately landed at the post office. By dint of insistence, not only will another television be delivered upstairs, to an elderly person’s home, but the e-commerce site will offer the device in compensation.

In the end, services not provided for in an automobile repair estimate will not be invoiced. The customer must be warned of the excess in order to be able to change parts or do unscheduled work.

In summary, consumers, you have rights. But you still have to fight to defend them.