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If you are concerned about the energy consumption, and especially the electricity, of your household appliances, you are undoubtedly used to choosing them according to the famous “energy label”, displayed on each of them, in addition of their price. In March 2021, it is getting a makeover… for greater clarity.

Energy labels are polluted with “+”

The energy label was born in 1995 and since then technology has greatly evolved, as has the sensitivity of customers regarding energy consumption and the desire of manufacturers to attract more and more customers concerned about their electricity bill. Over time, therefore, the label has adapted to new levels of consumption, adding categories based on small “+” symbols.

There are thus products that consume “A +”, “A ++” or even “A +++” … And the customers couldn’t really find their way around. However, in addition to the ecological interest, the choice of a device that consumes less has an economic interest: over a year, the bill drops by several tens of euros, up to 150 euros on average according to calculations by the European Commission. .

A new, simpler label going from “A” to “G”

The Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) announced Tuesday, February 16, 2021 that a new label allowing better readability of consumption levels will come into force, starting in March 2021. Refrigerators / freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and televisions / screens will be the first products concerned (and all the equipment which can be assimilated to them). It will be necessary to wait until September 2021 for the label to be displayed on the bulbs, and for good reason: while it is a sticker affixed in the box of appliances or in view of the customer in stores, for ampoules, the labels are printed on the boxes, which requires a delay for reprint.

The label will display power consumption ratings ranging from A to G, A being the best rating, G the worst. Exit, therefore, the various “+” which made them illegible. For consumers, it will suffice to choose household appliances classified A to be certain of having the best level of energy consumption.

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