Container pool: advantages, disadvantages, installation price

No wonder the container pool is on the rise! Original, economical, ecological and robust, it appeals to more and more French people every year. Designed in an old recycled maritime container for the occasion, the container pool is easy to install and includes everything necessary for its operation in the container space. Above ground, semi-buried or buried, it can be preserved in its industrial and metallic aspect or masked under more aesthetic and classic coverings. But if it has undeniable advantages, it is not without drawbacks. Let’s discover its characteristics in this file, as well as the price to consider for this type of basin.

What is a container pool?

The container pool is a pool designed from a maritime transport container. If it presents an ecological and economical alternative by allowing to recycle an old container, it is also very functional, original and decorative.

The container transformed into a swimming pool includes the hull of the basin and the fixing elements. There are essentially two categories of standard sizes, either 6.05 meters long for 2.44 meters wide and 2.59 meters deep, or 12.19 meters long for 2.44 meters wide and 2, 59 meters deep.

This economical swimming pool solution is increasingly offered by swimming pool specialists. Solid, customizable and durable, it has many advantages.

What are the advantages of the container pool?

The container pool has solid advantages.

  • It is ecological : the container pool makes it possible to recycle an old container, which limits waste and overconsumption of other materials. Subsequently, the steel which composes it can be easily recycled at the end of the basin’s life.
  • She is solid : the structure of the containers is robust and resistant since these boxes are designed to withstand maritime conditions and corrosion.
  • It is economical : the container pool costs much less to purchase than a conventional pool of the same dimensions. Easier to set up, it costs less in terms of installation. In addition, its fiscal impact is limited since if it is placed above ground, it will have no impact on taxes.
  • It is quick and easy to install : very quick to install since already designed in its overall forms, the container pool also contains an integrated filtration device. On average, allow one day of installation for this type of basin.
  • It is easy to transport : the container is much easier to transport than other basin formats. This facility also allows you to take the pool with you in case of moving.
  • It is original : the sleek style of the container pool makes it both very trendy and goes everywhere. Easy to integrate into all styles of home and garden, it seduces for its original and customizable sobriety.
  • It is customizable : the container look is very fashionable, but if it does not appeal to you, know that the container pool is very easy to personalize. If it can be placed above ground, semi-buried or buried, it can also be equipped with multiple original coverings and comfort and leisure equipment (heating, lighting, massage jets, swim spa, counter swimming device. -current, glazing, etc.).
  • Low cost security : if your container pool is above ground, you will not need to invest in the purchase of a barrier or other mandatory safety device for private pools. It suffices to equip the container with a secure door preventing entry and access to the stairs, which reduces your costs.
  • Sports and leisure pools : their dimensions and the classic rectangular shape of container pools make them perfect for sports and leisure swimming. Something to satisfy all desires.

What are the disadvantages of the container pool?

If it has undeniable advantages, the container swimming pool has certain drawbacks.

  • Standardization that may displease : although it is customizable, the container pool can only have a rectangular shape and dimensions reduced to those of maritime containers, which may not appeal to lovers of originality.
  • Access to think : if its installation is quick and if its transport is easy, it is still necessary to be able to access the places of its installation. Indeed, as in the case of a shell swimming pool, the delivery of an entire basin requires easy access to the garden in which the swimming pool will be located. If the delivery truck cannot access it, its installation will be impossible.
  • A design that does not always appeal : the design of the container, with its industrial forms, may not appeal to everyone. However, it is quite possible to bury the pool to hide the walls or to cover them with other materials (wood, concrete, etc.) for a more traditional and aesthetic design, but an additional cost will be expected.
  • Limited access : if you keep your container pool above ground, you will see advantages, but also the disadvantage of reduced access. Indeed, you will then have only one entry point, which multiplies the crossings for swimmers, and in particular for children who have fun entering and leaving the pool to dive there. In addition, the contour of the swimming pool will be impractical, which will make its maintenance complex since it will not be possible to walk around it.
  • Quality not always there : it is imperative to be vigilant before buying a container swimming pool, because some manufacturers pay little attention to the quality of their productions, especially in terms of the impermeability of the pool. Fiberglass is the most widely used technique, but it is not always applied well and cracks are possible.
  • Visible wear : even if the interior of the basin is well designed, the exterior is subject to climatic hazards. Over time, the metal of the container will rust and deteriorate if the pool is above ground, which will require maintenance, thus additional renovation costs and time.
  • Insulation to put into perspective : if you keep the container basin above ground, your heating and air conditioning bill may be much higher, because the metal offers reduced insulation which does not allow the heat or the freshness of the water to be well preserved. If the basin is buried, you will not encounter these problems.
  • No salt treatment : to treat bathing water, you will not be able to use salt, because it is not compatible with metal. Chlorine, bromine and active oxygen, on the other hand, will do very well.

What cost should you expect for a container pool?

The cost of the container pool varies depending on the formula chosen. Indeed, it can be sold in “ready-to-dive”, that is to say fully equipped, or in self-construction.

The ready-to-dive container pool

The cost of a ready-to-dive model varies according to the length selected (6 meters or 12 meters), its type of installation (above ground, semi-buried or buried) and the options chosen.

On average, for a container basin 6 meters long, you need a budget of 7,000 euros to 20,000 euros. For a swimming pool 12 meters long, plan between 20,000 euros and 35,000 euros. Be careful, because the prices are sometimes presented excluding the cost of delivery and installation.

The container pool in self-construction

In this case, the individual is delivered the various elements that constitute his container pool. If the costs are lower, it is necessary to plan a much longer implementation time.

For the container, counts between 1,000 euros and 5,000 euros on average, depending on its condition. Add to that 150 euros to 500 euros for the filtration device and 1000 euros to 5000 euros more for delivery.

You will then need to add the costs of the materials used, the options to be added and the labor for the installation, if necessary.

Photo credit: Malcolm K.