Containment 3: SNCF reduces its TGV offer

If the government refuses to call the “braking measures” by the popular term “Confinement”, the fact remains that in the 19 departments concerned, residents are not allowed to go out more than 10 kilometers from at home, more in the event of derogatory motive… and especially not the right to make interregional displacements. SNCF has therefore decided to adapt its TGV offer accordingly.

All axes affected by a drop in the TGV offer

While the number of TGV has never reached its normal level since the start of 2021, with on average only 50% of the trips offered, the restrictive measures put in place since March 20, 2021 in 16 departments and since March 25, 2020 in three additional departments, have led the transporter to reduce the sails once again.

Fault ? The impossibility of the French to move, which reduced, according to the SNCF, demand of 65% over one year since the announcement of the new measures. And none of the main axes is spared: whether on the Atlantic coast, towards the South-East or on the North and East axes, all will see their offer reduced from March 29, 2021.

How many TGVs are going to run?

SNCF has planned, despite everything, to maintain the service, which is essential. Especially since the French can despite everything move from a confined region to another region if they can justify a compelling reason.

Thus, on the South-East axis, only 6 TGV out of 10 will be chartered, a little more on the Atlantic axis, less affected by the restrictions, where the supply will be between 5 and 6 TGV out of 10. Towards the East, 4 to 5 TGV out of 10 will be available and towards the North, the most affected by Containment 3, 3 out of 10 with reinforcement at the Paris-Lille route.

However, the group plans to increase the offer depending on the school holiday zones that begin in April 2021.