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Bet on the comfort of chunky sneakers and see how to use them on different occasions, including at work

From time to time, fashion is renewed and trends are not always unanimous. On the contrary. Often something that is in vogue reaches a very small portion that sticks to that style. A clear example of this is the chunky sneakers, one of the many models of women’s sneakers, also known as dad sneakers.

They are called that, precisely because they are large and heavy, going against the standard of lighter and more discreet sneakers. Generally, they are accompanied by platforms that give an even greater visual weight to the footwear, drawing more attention to the feet of those who wear it.

But anyone who thinks that the model cannot be combined with different looks is wrong. Therefore, we prepared looks that combine with chunky sneakers for you to use this piece without causing more controversy than it will naturally cause. Jokes aside, take note of the tips.

How to wear a chunky sneaker?

Chunky women’s sneakers are a piece that draws attention and weighs the look for the bottom. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not wear clothing that is too tight or tight to the body, as this way you will throw all the visual weight on your feet.

The tip is to always bring balance to the look, using elongated pieces at the top, such as heavy jackets in the shoulder regions or even large accessories on the face, such as earrings, necklaces, scarves on the collar etc.

Color is also a determining factor for the success and / or failure of the look. The right color causes the effect of visual balance to help the issue of proportions. Monochromatic looks, that is, of a single color, usually combine more with chunky sneakers. If you are a fan of the model, then take advantage of the Zattini coupon to find the right chunky for your feet.

With lightweight parts

Chunky sneakers go great with wardrobe pieces that are for cooler days. You can combine them with a miniskirt and tank top, a midi skirt and a short sleeve shirt, or bet on shorts with a t-shirt and throw on a light blazer, why not?

With heavy parts

If you want to take your chunky for a walk on days when the temperature is a little lower, the tip is a cut of pants that leaves no doubt who is the star of the look. So, bet on a skinny jeans or black. As for the top, count on the comfort and style of a woolen jacket or else, a denim jacket.

The chunky for work

Yes, it is possible to use chunky for professional occasions. Of course, in this case, your performance will set the tone for the look. If you work in environments that allow a more stylish combination, you can use a patterned piece and another smooth and sober piece, such as white, black, beige or gray.

Now, if your work environment is a little more formal, you can still have your chunky feet. In this case, nothing better than a black suit with a straight cut over a white shirt to compose and match the protagonist of the look.

Chunky at your feet

One thing is right. One of the most controversial models of footwear is a trend that has pleased the fashion world and finding looks with chunky sneakers will no longer be a cause for surprise.

So, if you want to bet on the difference, you no longer need to think about the controversy. Take advantage of our tips, believe in your creativity and create the look that is your face with your chunky feet.

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