Cool down your dog during hot weather: 10 tips and tricks

In times of strong heat, the dog may have difficulty regulating the temperature of his body in a natural way. Therefore, a boost is welcome in the summer season. 10 tips and tips to bring a touch of freshness to our doggies.

1 – Serve your dog always fresh water

All year round, and especially in summer, it is important to ensure that your dog ishydrate enough. To do this, renew its water several times a day so that it always remains clean and a little fresher than the temperature ambient (but not too cold as it could cause him diarrhea). Try to dispose several bowls of water in your interior. It is not recommended to add ice cubes in its bowl because the animal risks not only to swallow them whole but also to suffer from digestive disorders.

2 – Use a damp cloth to refresh it

It is best to take your pet to soak in a stream. If you do not have one near your home or if your dog is not a big fan of swimming, apply a cloth to him wet (a glove or a towel) all over the body. Pay particular attention to areas devoid of fur, especially the stomach, inner thighs and pads. It is also possible to immerse its legs in water because it is between the pads that the sweat glands allowing the dog to sweat.

3 – Refresh your dog’s bed

You can soak a towel of cool water and place it in a corner of the house where your pet likes to rest. If he agrees to lie on it, the freshness will give him the greatest good. Another technique to lower your body temperature is to wrap a cloth in a cloth. bottle of water put in the freezer and put it in the place where your dog usually sleeps. You can also use a pain relief gel that you will have previously placed in the cold.

4 – brush or trim your dog’s hair

Brushing your pet every day removes excess dead hairs and therefore, to remove the excess coat that keeps him warm. A little grooming to thin out his fur will prove very useful. However, the dog’s dense coat protects it from both cold and some heat. For some races, mowing is not justified. If in doubt, seek advice from your veterinarian or groomer. Dogs eligible for mowing (Westie, Shih Tzu, Lasso Apso, Yorkshire, Cavalier King Charles, Coton de Tuléar, Cocker …), will feel better in their pattounes.

5 – Take a fogger

In times of strong heat, the fogger remains an effective ally and your dog will love them. sprays regular. Again, remember to mist the parts of his body hairless : pads, belly and inner thighs. You can also spray her sleeping. Be careful to avoid misting the eyes and ears.

6 – Run the fan

Your dog will appreciate the feeling of freshness instantaneous that the fan will blow in periods of intense heat. It is recommended not to place the device too close to the animal’s head or to set it too strong power. The store offers a wide choice of fans, choose the most quiet possible so as not to frighten your furball. For even more freshness, cover the equipment with a damp cloth.

7 – Avoid going out between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

While it is important not to deprive your pooch of a walk in summer, you should refrain from taking him out between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Prefer walks on morning and the evening, during the cooler hours of the day. Plan short outings, preferably in a forest or a park shady. Long walks are to be avoided especially if your route takes sunny passages and overheated ground because a hot bitumen can injure your pet’s pads.

8 – Install a dog pool

If you are lucky enough to own a garden, you can buy a swimming pool in plastic or failing that, a small pool in which your quadruped will dive with delight. Sometimes a game with the garden hose is enough to make a dog ecstatic. If your pooch doesn’t like water, install a simple paddling pool and, using floating toys, encourage him to put his paws on it. You can set an example for it by dipping your toes yourself.

9 – Give your dog a cooling coat and mat

Cool dog coats should be soaked in water then wrung out before use. Their system with scratch then facilitates the dressing of the animal. As it evaporates, the water rids the dog of its excess body heat, leaving it feeling fresh for several hours (some brands provide a drop in temperature of 7 ° C). When the coat is dry, just iron it under water. There are also cooling mats containing a cold frost which auto-activates when touched. Thus, as soon as the doggie lies down on it, a feeling of freshness is diffused as if it were lying down on floor tile.

10 – prefer wet food

In summer, the decrease inappetite in dogs is a natural phenomenon. In periods of strong heat, offer wet foods such as pâtés that present two interests : this stimulates his appetite with more pleasant aromas and textures and contributes to his hydration. If you don’t want to change your food, an easier solution is to moisten its croquettes with water or broth chicken hot that you will let cool before serving. Your hairball will love their summer diet.