Counterfeit tickets used in the cinema circulate in shops

You might think that with new technologies, the risk of finding a fake banknote has completely disappeared.

Film shooting tickets

Nothing is further from the truth: last year, nearly 500,000 counterfeit 20 or 50 euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation. It is indeed these banknotes which are the most counterfeit because they are the least closely watched, unlike 100 euro banknotes. And it is not very profitable to make counterfeit 5 or 10 euro bills.

But another form of counterfeit banknotes is more and more often detected, mainly by bankers, when validating the cash register of their merchant customers. From time to time they find banknotes that are all real, but have the words “movie money” in one corner. In reality, they are tickets made for filming and television series. They are very true, but they say well that they are false. However, the characteristic of these banknotes is that they are not considered as real counterfeits.

Money offered on social networks

In other words, the one who gets caught with a handful of these banknotes in his pocket does not risk the same prison sentence as the real counterfeiter. It is therefore very tempting to want to “play” at making easy money under these conditions. Warning : this type of ticket is more and more often offered on social networks, in the middle of chat channels devoted to video games for example.

At 15, 20 or older, it can be hard to resist seemingly easy money, but actually very risky. In addition to risking jail, there is always a very large fine involved when you get caught.