Covid-19: 36% of infections correspond to the British variant

The “British variant” of Covid-19 is spreading at high speed in France, to the point that 36% of new infections recorded during the week of February 8 to 14, 2021 were infections with this variant. In addition, 5% of infections corresponding to the Brazilian and South African variants, announced Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, at a press conference on February 18, 2021.

Covid-19: hospital reception capacities remain limited

Even if all the indicators are down slightly compared to the previous week, the situation with regard to Covid-19 remains worrying in France. Over the week of February 8 to 14, 2021, 127,661 Covid-19 tests were positive against 139,874 the previous week, a drop of 9%. Every day, an average of 18,237 people tested positive for Covid-19. This, while the screening capacity remains at a high level (2,151,620 people tested over the last seven days). Note that more than a quarter of new cases had previously been identified as contact by the contact-tracing. The positivity rate declined somewhat to 5.9% from 6.3% the previous week.

The number of hospitalizations remains at a high level: 9,921 against 11,063 the previous week, as well as the number of deaths (2,869 against 2,949 over the last seven days). As the Public Health France agency notes in its weekly report, “the maintenance at a very high level of the number of hospitalizations, particularly in intensive care, remains worrying because of the tension in the healthcare system for several weeks, with heterogeneous according to the regions ”.

Covid-19 contact cases: the duration of isolation increases to 10 days

Major announcement by Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, during his press conference on February 18, 2021, the executive decided to end the “light” isolation of only 7 days of contact cases and impose them isolation for 10 days, as for patients confirmed positive for Covid-19.

With regard to vaccination against Covid-19, to date, 22.5% of the population aged 75 and over has received at least one dose of the vaccine. The same was true for 74.4% of EHPAD residents. In total, on February 16, 2021, 3.5% of the French population had received at least one dose of the vaccine. The average age of a vaccinated person today is 72 years. From February 25, vaccination will be open to patients 50 years and over with comorbidities (diabetes, obesity). It is also from this date that general practitioners will have the right to carry out vaccinations: 30,000 doctors have already volunteered to do so. And during March 2021, vaccination will be open to people over 50, including pharmacies and nurses’ offices.

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