Covid-19: a mandatory negative test to travel to the USA

If you had planned to go to the United States in the weeks or months to come, you will have to plan a new stage in addition to your many hours of flight: the “Covid test” box. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced new measures that will come into effect at the end of January 2021 for travelers arriving in the United States.

USA: negative Covid test mandatory

If the decision has already been made, it will not come into effect until after Joe Biden takes office on January 20, 2021: From January 26, 2021, anyone who takes a flight to destinations in the United States will be required to present a negative Covid-19 test to board the plane. Objective: to try to limit the importation of cases of Covid-19 into the United States, the country being the most affected by the disease both in terms of cases and in terms of death.

With the United States already on high alert, mandatory testing for air passengers will reduce the spread of the virus as we work to vaccinate the public The CDC said.

The test must be carried out three days before departure and the results provided to the airline, failing which passengers will not be able to board. In the event of a person cured of Covid-19, the documents proving his recovery may be provided instead of the negative test, the cure in fact offering a period of immunity.

Second test and quarantine … only recommended

CDC Director Robert Redfield recalls that “ testing does not eliminate all risks ”, Which is why the United States recommends that anyone visiting its territory to isolate themselves for five to seven days after their arrival date, and to be tested again three to five days after their landing. But this second check is not, for the moment, compulsory.

The situation could change if the United States notices new imported cases. The country alone accounts for nearly a quarter of Covid-19 cases in the world (22.8 million as of January 13, 2021) and more than 380,000 deaths.

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