Covid-19: businesses want a reopening from May 10

While the government is considering the deconfinement strategy, the date of May 17 is whispered for the reopening of businesses. Faced with this, traders are pleading for a reopening from May 10, 2021 and not after.

Reopening on May 10, 2021

The month of May is an important month for the turnover of traders and faced with the decline in the reopening date which is looming on the horizon, twelve trade federations have signed ” a plea for an imperative reopening of all shops no later than May 10 “. This plea therefore calls for an imperative reopening for the 150,000 stores closed since the start of the third confinement, that is to say those deemed once again non-essential.

Thus, the twelve federations which bring together those of jewelry stores, women’s ready-to-wear or even franchises or furnishings have their demand published in Le Parisien, Thursday, April 22, 2021. The main one being the date of reopening of the May 10, that the signatories ask for “ all points of sale, regardless of their size and location “.

A reopening essential to survival

The signatories believe that they have taken their “ part in the collective effort to fight against Covid but this closed situation cannot last any longer. It seriously endangers our companies and worries our 800,000 employees They explain. A reopening in May is therefore essential for survival. many shops.

After losing more than 20% of turnover on average in 2020, we have still lost more than 30% of activity since the beginning of the year and each week of closure impoverishes and weakens our networks. »They recall, believing that this weakening took on several faces of cash flow problems, not including those of stocks.

Faced with the uncertainty of the reopening, other initiatives have been taken by traders to alert the government to the urgency of the situation. This is particularly the case of “The cheeky action” launched by 80 managers of lingerie shops who sent multiple letters to Jean Castex. Small peculiarity these were accompanied by panties. The goal is to remind the Prime Minister that panties are an essential product for everyday life.