Covid-19 crisis: what is the aid for the most precarious? – EconomyMorning

The government continues to announce aid to cope with the very real financial difficulties faced by several million French people because of the pandemic.

Help for precarious workers

The aid to the most precarious workers, decreed last November and which should normally disappear at the end of the month, is thus extended until May. This aid amounting to 900 euros replaces the lost income of precarious workers.

Concretely, a tracker, or a server who has not had the chance to have a CDD or a CDI and to be placed on short-time work can claim this help. A little nonsense in passing, if a precarious worker earns 500 euros in the month with odd jobs, he will receive only 400 euros of additional aid. We obviously understand the principle of avoiding the windfall effect of aid that would be added to salaried income, but the perverse effect should not be neglected. It is tempting to go and get the 900 euros in aid and not to work on the side, or rather .. not to work while being declared.

A financial boost for young people

Other aid announced by the government: a check for 1000 euros to help young people under 25 to settle down. Sine qua non condition: to have a CDD or a CDI, or even a work-study contract. These 1000 euros are in addition to other housing assistance measures, particularly in terms of deposit. Finally, it would be dishonest not to say here that the aid systems are messing up, sometimes at full speed.

Last week, 40% of small businesses, including auto-entrepreneurs, had not received the aid promised for the month of December. In catering, tourism, events, the race for aid has turned into a rat race with the administration. With this painful feeling of never entering the right box, of never having the right paper.

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