Covid-19: Decathlon’s sports mask receives approval from Afnor – teller report

The French Standardization Association, Afnor has given Decathlon the authorization to launch the production of its anti-Covid mask for athletes.

The Decathlon sports mask approved by Afnor

The Decathlon group received on Tuesday February 16, 2021, approval from the French Standardization Agency Afnor for its anti-Covid mask intended for athletes. This approval will enable Decathlon to launch large-scale production of the prototype. which he presented in January 2021.

Decathlon must however still wait for the decision of the certified laboratories to officially launch the production process of its mask. The latter is made of soft, reusable and washable fabric with a category 1 filter capacity.

Several production sites competing for this contract

The Ministry of Sports, Afnor and Union Sport & Cycle have drawn up a set of requirements that the selected manufacturers who wish to produce an anti-Covid mask for athletes must meet. Thus, among the requirements, manufacturers must produce a mask displaying ” a filtration efficiency of the material for particles of 3 microns, greater than 90%. Or must remain in compliance with the requirements after at least 10 washing cycles “.

Decathlon is not the only group in the niche, ten other manufacturers are embarking on the creation of goggles for athletes. The Salomon brand presented two models which also received the endorsement of Afnor.

For sports halls closed since October 2020, the marketing of these masks has a taste of hope since they could potentially allow them to be reopened. Decathlon has not yet announced a specific date for the marketing of its mask, but is counting on March 2021.

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