Covid-19: how does an antigen test work? – EconomyMorning

Considered by some specialists as a solution to curb the spread of Covid-19 and primary support for the vaccination campaign, the antigen test works differently from the PCR test.

The antigen test detects proteins secreted by the Covid-19 virus during the first ten days of contamination. Its major asset is the simplicity of its use. As with pregnancy tests, two lines will appear if the person tested is positive for Covid-19 and only one if it is negative.

The INNOVA MEDICAL GROUP laboratory is one of the laboratories that developed the antigen test. Xavier Guérin, its managing director for France and Western Europe, has agreed to answer questions from the staff of Economy / Health Matin.

Find here the interview of Xavier Guérin, general manager of the INNOVA MEDICAL GROUP laboratory for France and Western Europe, for Economy / Health Matin with Jean-Baptiste Giraud.

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