Covid-19: “new measures to be taken all together”? Containment? – EconomyMorning

The increase in the number of cases has certainly not been exponential … but it has been continuous. Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, even added three departments to those placed under the “braking measures”, namely Confinement 3 that the government refuses to call as such, bringing their total number to 19. But the Generalized confinement continues to be demanded by some doctors… and for good reason.

45,641 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours

After a hiccup on the rise in the number of daily cases which hit the public health services in France on March 23 and 24, 2021, on March 25, 2021 the organization was able to give new exact figures on the number of contaminations identified in 24 hours. They reached 45,641, a level never reached since the second half of October 2020.

Specifically, it was October 24, 2020: it had been three days since the number of cases was above 40,000, and the next day it was even above 50,000. The government then had to force itself to make the ultimate decision: generalized reconfinement.

On October 28, 2020, in his presidential address, Emmanuel Macron announced to the French a general reconfinement the next day at midnight. Confinement 2 then began, a little lighter compared to the first, but harder than the third in force in March 2021 in the 19 most affected departments.

From “ new steps to take, all together “?

The very high level of daily contaminations justifies the increasingly pressing demand from doctors and scientists for hard and general confinement, something the government categorically refuses. However, a short sentence from Emmanuel Macron, pronounced during the press briefing on March 25, 2021 after the first day of the European Council, may cast doubt.

The Head of State declared that ” in the coming days and weeks we will have new steps to take, all together “. Gold, “ all togetherappears to be contrary to the regionalization strategy adopted since the start of the year and which would justify, according to the government, the absence of generalized measure on all the territory.

Should this be seen as a preparation for an expected and feared announcement, that of a confinement that would affect all French people? Perhaps after Easter, during the school holidays, which would undoubtedly be better accepted by the population?