Covid-19: Oxfam advocates for “open source” vaccines

Oxfam calls on the pharmaceutical industry and the public authorities to remove obstacles so that vaccines against Covid-19 are mass-produced by as many actors as possible, especially in developing countries.

Covid-19 vaccines: for Oxfam, pharmaceutical companies are slowing down on purpose

“People surely imagine that all vaccine producers are working hard to vaccinate the world, but this is unfortunately not the case”, sounds the alert Robin Guittard, spokesperson for Oxfam France. Indeed, even if many pharmaceutical companies have successfully developed vaccines against Covid-19, one independently of the other, and these vaccines are authorized by the national authorities of many countries, their mass production remains a mirage.

Indeed, development and a successful clinical trial is only the first step. Then comes the no less crucial stage of production. And this is where the difficulties begin: you should know that the pharmaceutical companies that have developed the vaccines are very selective in terms of the partnerships they forge with other pharmaceutical manufacturers for the production of these vaccines.

Covid-19 vaccines: the world’s largest producers are barely associated

The element that crystallizes the tensions is intellectual property: on the one hand, giants like Moderna and Pfizer do not want to share their technology with just anyone, on the other hand they are probably setting financial conditions that are difficult for many to accept. ‘market players.

Today, the world’s three largest vaccine producers therefore remain largely isolated from the international effort to produce Covid-19 vaccines – they only plan to produce in 2021 for barely 1.5. % of the world’s population. “However, we need all the companies on earth capable of manufacturing safe and effective vaccines against Covid-19, and as quickly as possible”, pleads Robin Guittard. His words echo that of Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), according to whom the sharing of technologies and the suspension of intellectual property rights on vaccines could allow the vaccination of the whole planet and control the disease.

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