Covid-19: shout and sing in this booth to get tested

Yelling or singing in a booth could perhaps become the next way to get tested for Covid-19. Painless, simple and fast, even if, for the moment, the device which was designed in the Netherlands is still in the testing phase.

Shout or sing in a booth to find out if you have Covid-19

How to get tested to find out if you have Covid? After saliva, nasopharyngeal or blood tests, it may well be that to know if you have the coronavirus, it would be enough just to shout in a booth. More sympathetic than the Chinese anal test which is compulsory for all foreigners arriving in the territory.

Developed by a Dutch researcher, this cabin would detect Covid-19 present in the air. The idea is simple, it would suffice to go to an airlock and once it is closed, to sing or shout there. The machine would then analyze the particles that were released and could even detect those on the clothes.

A quick and painless test to detect Covid-19

Called “QuBa”, this cabin would make it possible, in a completely painless manner, to detect Covid-19 in record time. According to our colleagues from BFMTV who relayed this information, it would take 3 minutes to know if you are positive or negative on the test. And after that ? Rest assured, once you have gone to shout or sing in the cabin, it is cleaned with an air purifier.

If this cabin can indeed be used to quickly and easily detect Covid-19, then it would be an interesting track for all places that welcome the public. Hope for museums, cinemas, theaters and other cultural places?