Covid-19: soon 100 million cases in the world

France is under general curfew at 6 p.m. while the vaccination campaign, finally started, is already facing a supply problem. And while the risk of a third generalized curfew, a measure that several countries around the world have already opted for, is growing, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to advance and approach 100 million cases.

Covid-19: 95 million confirmed cases, and more than 500,000 new every 24 hours

Since the start of the pandemic in December 2019, the progression of the Sars-CoV-2 virus, responsible for Covid-19, has not really slowed down: the number of cases identified every 24 hours has continued to increase. increase more or less rapidly, but steadily. In April 2020, there were 80,000 cases per day, in August 2020 this number was 200,000 and it exceeded 500,000 cases per day in early November 2020. In January 2021, more than 600,000 cases per day are identified worldwide, with peaks at 700,000.

With one million cases every 48 hours on average, the total number of cases has reached, on January 18, 2021, 95 million… and will most likely cross the symbolic bar of 100 million cases before the end of the month. In comparison, at the beginning of March 2020 when France decreed generalized containment, there were less than 100,000 cases identified every 48 hours, or even 72 hours.

The threshold of 2 million deaths from the pandemic crossed

The pace of the pandemic’s progression is logically leading to a constant increase in the number of deaths, which is now over 10,000 per day worldwide. Cumulated, they exceeded the weekend of January 16, 2020 the 2 million mark to reach 2.03 million. More than 2% of confirmed cases of the disease therefore ended in death.

France, for its part, exceeded the 70,000 dead mark on the weekend of January 16, 2021, according to data from Public Health France. In France, more than 100 people per day die from the disease, or nearly 1,000 per week.

France is also inexorably approaching the threshold of 3 million cases with, on average, more than 15,000 new cases identified every 24 hours and 2.910 million confirmed cases. The 3 million cases could be crossed the week of January 18, 2021.

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