Covid-19: teleworking can cost an employee more than 100 euros per month

Teleworking makes it possible to limit the risks of the virus spreading within a company but can have a cost for the employee. According to a study conducted by ConvictionsRH for the Parisian, teleworking can cost more than 100 euros per month for an employee.

The main cost of heating for the teleworking employee

The study conducted by ConvictionsRH for the Parisian and published Tuesday, February 9, 2021, highlights the cost of teleworking for an employee, more than 100 euros per month in some cases. Still according to the study, the first item of expenditure in these winter times: heating but it is not the only one to cost employees dearly, water, coffee and certain supplies are added to the bill.

Thus, the human resources consulting firm ConvictionsRH considers that heating is the highest expense item for employees who telework. On average, the employee heats his home and new workplace, eight hours more than before. For a 150m2 apartment, the study estimates that the cost is 48 euros per month. The bill can be up to 174 euros per month for heating, water and electricity.

Heating, electricity and water are not the only costs that the employee must incur in order to be able to telework. Some employees had to equip themselves to be able to work from home, second screen, printer, ink or even paper. Costs that are not always covered by the employer who benefits from the work done at home.

Should the employer compensate the teleworking employee for his expenses?

However, the employee realizes some savings. Meal costs in particular, even when working from home, employees continue to receive their meal vouchers. The same goes for transport costs which are always covered at 50% or 100%. Significant savings for the employee who works from home.

However, despite these saving positions, should the employer compensate the costs incurred by his employee for teleworking? On this point, a non-binding national inter-professional teleworking agreement (ANI) was concluded between the employers and the unions. Thus, compensation is the result of internal dialogue.

For unions, the situation must change. Jean-François Foucard, the national secretary CFE-CGC confided to the Parisian Working at home comes at a cost. Employees will not be able to sit on it for very long “. For its part, the CGT goes further, believing that the employer had to cover part of the rent of teleworking employees.

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