Covid-19: the French mostly in favor of national containment

A few hours before Emmanuel Macron’s speech, BFMTV publishes a survey which highlights that 54% of French people are in favor of the establishment of a new national confinement.

An increase in adherence to national confinement

No more local confinements, according to a survey carried out by the Elabe institute and published by BFMTV Wednesday March 31, 2021, the French are mostly in favor of the implementation of a third strict confinement at the national level. So, they are 54% to estimate that a new containment following the model of that of March 2020 would be a good decision. These are 11 points higher than in the last survey.

Territorialized confinement is also a great success, since 70% of French people are in favor. In the 19 departments already concerned by this territorialized confinement, 60% of those questioned agree with the government’s strategy which consists of ” brake without locking up “.

Government strategy criticized

The study also looks back on the lack of reconfinement in January 2021. Two-thirds of French people (66%) believe that the government should have reconfined the country to curb the virus and prevent the arrival of a third wave. An absence of confinement which, according to them, resulted in the worsening of the health situation of the country.

Thus, with the approach of Emmanuel Macron’s announcements, 81% of French people questioned think that the President of the Republic will announce a new strict confinement on the model of the first confinement last March. If this new strict confinement were to take place, 57% of those polled declared that they would strictly comply with health rules.

The question of the closure of schools, however, divides the French a little more. A majority of them think that kindergartens (51%) and primary schools (51%) should be closed. but not high schools (40% for) and colleges (43% for). A difference that can be explained by the greater ability of secondary school students to comply with health rules.