Covid-19: towards a vaccination obligation for the most “exposed” professions? – EconomyMorning

Emmanuel Macron will speak this Monday, July 12, 2021 at 8 p.m., mainly on the subject of the rapid epidemic recovery observed in France for a week. While waiting for his speech, reading the latest opinion of the Covid-19 Scientific Council can give us an idea of ​​what it could announce.

To avoid congestion in hospitals, vaccination coverage must be very high

If we rely on the experience of recent months, Emmanuel Macron tends to follow the recommendations of the Covid-19 Scientific Council. So, what does this institution recommend in its latest opinion of July 8, 2021? Above all, the Scientific Council advocates better vaccination coverage. The model established by scientists suggests that only very strong vaccination coverage of all age groups could prevent hospital congestion.

Even in the hypothesis where the vaccination coverage of over 60 years would reach 97%, this age group would be responsible for 35% of hospitalizations. And on the assumption that 85% of 18-59 year olds would be vaccinated, they would still represent 35% of hospitalizations. In other words, the vaccination coverage rate for both parties must be increased.

The Scientific Council recommends a vaccination obligation for certain professions

Very high vaccination coverage is important especially since unvaccinated people disproportionately contribute to the transmission of Covid-19, recalls the Scientific Council. Indeed, an unvaccinated person is 12 times more likely to transmit Covid-19 than a vaccinated person. More, ” of all the measures studied, vaccination is by far the most effective and cheapest approach to control the epidemic », Can we read in this opinion.

So, if the executive opts for compulsory vaccination of certain categories of the population, who would be concerned? The Scientific Council recommends establishing compulsory vaccination among caregivers and medico-social personnel. This vaccination obligation could be extended to other categories, such as “caregivers”, personnel in personal services and even all (non-health) professionals exposed and “exposed” to a risk for others. read in this opinion of the Scientific Council. Emmanuel Macron, will he follow these recommendations? Answer tonight at 8 p.m.