Covid-19 vaccine: more than 10 million French people have received a dose

The Prime Minister confirmed Thursday, April 8, 2021, that the target of 10 million French people vaccinated had been exceeded and one week ahead of the initial program.

10 million first doses of vaccine given in mid-April

Jean Castex confirmed Thursday, April 8, 2021 that the target of 10 million vaccinations in mid-April had been exceeded and those with a week in advance. One would have thought that when the government announced its objective of 10 million French people vaccinated by mid-April 2021, it was a complete vaccination but not the Prime Minister confirms that it is 10 millions of first doses.

Jean Castex has therefore set the next objective: “ we now have the 20 million target, and I have no doubt that thanks to this general mobilization we will achieve it “. 20 million people vaccinated by mid-May and 30 million by mid-June 2021. With a current cruising speed of 200,000 to 300,000 daily vaccinations, the Prime Minister has no doubt that the objective will be met once again .

A target of 20 million for mid-May

Jean Castex took the opportunity to remind doctors of the importance of their role in explaining vaccines to their patients and in particular with regard to the Vaxzevria vaccine, the new name of the much feared AstraZeneca. ” You are in the best position to overcome reluctance, to explain to your own patients and to convince them »He reminded a doctor present during his speech.

By April 19, date of the start of deliveries, a new vaccine should enter the dance, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which has the particularity of requiring only one injection and of being stored at refrigerator temperature. Ursula von der Leyen estimated in mid-March that the European Union would obtain 55 million doses during the second quarter of 2021, part of which goes to France.