Covid-19 vaccines: G7 countries pledge to donate one billion doses

Developed countries will donate one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines to developing countries, agreed the heads of state and government of the G7 countries after their summit in Carbis Bay, in England.

Donation of Covid-19 vaccines: the United States will ensure half of the deliveries promised by the G7

It is an ambitious commitment that the G7 countries (Germany, Canada, United States, France, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom) have just made: by the end of 2021, these countries will provide developing countries with one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine. The United States will provide 500 million doses and the United Kingdom 100 million doses in particular.

But, as soon as it is made, this commitment is already criticized. ” We need more than that. We need a global immunization plan. We must act logically, with a sense of urgency and with priorities of a war economy, and we are still far from having achieved this. », Declared Antonio Guterres, the secretary general of the United Nations.

A billion doses for developing countries? “Too little”, answers Oxfam

According to Oxfam, which is also very critical of this commitment, developing countries need not a billion but 11 billion doses, knowing that each person needs to receive two doses, or even eventually. , for some, a third to protect effectively against the new variants. The bulk of these vaccines should be AstraZeneca, which is less expensive to produce.

As heads of state and diplomats continued their discussions to reach this commitment, when asked about AstraZeneca vaccines, Marco Cavaleri, the head of vaccine strategy at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), said in an interview with the italian newspaper La Stampa thatpreference should now be given, for all age groups, to the extent possible, to mRNA vaccines (namely Pfizer and Moderna), which are reputed to be more effective.