Covid-19: Veterinarians called in to vaccinate the French? – EconomyMorning

In order to speed up the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, a deputy suggests calling on veterinarians, as is already the case in some countries (Canada, Argentina, United States, etc.).

Veterinarians called in to vaccinate against Covid-19

The French are calves! “. Never has this famous quote from General Charles De Gaulle been so topical. And for good reason, in a letter dated March 8, 2020 addressed to the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, the deputy Loïc Dombreval suggests calling on veterinarians to vaccinate the French population. Not just any vaccine, of course, we are talking about the one against Covid-19 here.

According to the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes, veterinarians practice ” daily vaccination “. This is why they could lend a hand to help caregivers vaccinate the French population against Covid-19. The government wants to accelerate the pace and it may well be that we are short of arms.

Speed ​​up the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 thanks to veterinarians

If we were to be faced with a lack of professionals to vaccinate, calling on volunteer veterinarians from the health reserve would respond to the government’s desire to speed up the vaccination campaign.»Explained Loïc Dombreval. The elected representative also took the opportunity to recall the involvement of veterinarians from the start of the health crisis: In March 2020, veterinarians, animal health professionals, were 4,637 to volunteer with regional health agencies to be part of the health reserve“.

According to Loïc Dombreval who is himself a veterinarian, This involvement is a sign of their desire for commitment and of the close bond of solidarity that binds human and animal health professionals.“. It remains to be seen whether among the people who will be vaccinated by veterinarians some will present, among the side effects, a horse fever.