Covid: delivery of Johnson & Johnson vaccines starts April 19 in Europe

The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson will begin its delivery of the vaccine against the Covid in Europe from April 19, 2021. Up to 400 million doses are expected for the European Union.

Delivery of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from April 19, 2021

Validated in mid-March by the European Medicines Agency, the vaccine against Covid-19, Johnson & Johnson should soon appear on European soil. The pharmaceutical group announced on Monday March 29, 2021 that deliveries would begin on April 19, 2021 for the European continent.

The European Union has placed an order for 200 million doses from the American laboratory, with an option for 200 million additional doses. Thus, the Union could receive up to 400 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. For the moment, the group has not published a precise timetable for its deliveries, but the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, estimated in mid-March that the European Union would get 55 million doses in the second quarter of 2021.

A vaccine in a single injection

The African Union should also see the arrival, during the third quarter of 2021, of the first doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The African Union has for its part ordered 220 million doses with a possibility of ordering 180 million additional doses. As with the European Union, the African Union will distribute the doses among the 55 member states.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the first of the licensed vaccines to require onlyonly one dose to be effective. It is also possible to store it at refrigerator temperatures. These characteristics are likely to have a beneficial effect on the organization of vaccination campaigns. In order to deliver orders as quickly as possible, the Johnson & Johnson group has subcontracted the manufacture of its vaccine to certain European laboratories such as Sanofi, Catalent or IDT Biologika.