Covid savings: donations made easier … but for reduced sums

The executive has been working since the end of 2020 on a way to mobilize, for the recovery and in addition to the Recovery Plan, the more than 150 billion euros that the French have saved.

But how to do it ? One of the tracks would be the intergenerational donation, to which Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, is far from being opposed.

Donations to shift savings to young people

Without being able to consume or travel and for fear of the virus and the economic crisis, they filled their passbooks, LDDS and other savings accounts. A major lever to be mobilized urgently for the French economy… and if possible to be distributed among all generations. Young people, in particular, are targeted by the government: having more projects, and being more spendthrift, they could greatly contribute to achieving the 5.5% growth expected at the end of 2021.

Except that young people are also those who have saved the least: odd jobs have been limited, when they have not disappeared, and government aid has been sporadic. It will therefore be up to parents and grandparents to fund the current account of the less aged.

A few thousand euros can be donated free of charge

Bruno Le Maire therefore thinks of facilitating donations, which are normally subject to very strict rules, and especially thresholds at the level of the value of the donation beyond which the donation is taxable. But there is no question for the government to deprive itself of potential inheritance taxes in the years to come: donations will be limited.

Zero tax, zero tax, a few thousand euros, no more, it is not a question of breaking the ceilings and making a policy which for once would only benefit the wealthiest categories of the French population. “, Declared the Minister on March 29, 2021 on FranceInfo, before specifying that it will be “a few thousand” and not “tens of thousands” of euros.

Too high an exemption threshold could indeed be considered a tax gift to the richest households, the only ones able to give tens of thousands of euros to their children.