Crowdfunding on the rise in 2020

The amounts paid by French households and businesses for crowdfunding have jumped in 2020: 1.02 billion euros was collected on crowdfunding platforms over the past year, an increase of 62% compared to 2019, we learn from the Crowdfunding Barometer jointly edited by Mazars and the Financement Participatif France (FPF) association.

Increased amounts across all categories

This is an important milestone for the crowdfunding sector: in 2020, for the first time, the total amount paid by the French in a year exceeded one billion euros. In total, 15,616 projects and companies were financed.

If the donation sector stagnated around 80 million euros in 2018 and 2019, it peaked in 2020, with a collection of 218.5 million euros, including 52 million for humanitarian and solidarity projects. Regarding donations without reward, the average amount has also jumped: 249 euros against 93 euros in 2019. Also increased for crowdfunding loans: in 2020, more than 741 million euros were collected on platforms compared to 508 million euros in 2019.

The crowdfunding sector on its way to maturity

While most of the projects were funded by individuals (54,162 projects funded in 2020), an equally large number were funded by actors in the social and solidarity economy (43,202). Businesses (VSEs, SMEs and ETIs) have funded 13,796, start-ups 2,950, real estate operators and 608 and other players (especially communities) 898.

Regarding market players, the sector is stabilizing. In 2020, for the first year since 2026, a drop in the number of new market entrants was observed. As of December 31, 2020, Orias – the register of intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance – counted 166 intermediaries in crowdfunding (IFP: donation and loan platforms) and 62 crowdfunding advisers (CIP: capital investment platforms , bonds, and minibons).

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