Cryptocurrency transactions are invited to PayPal

Paypal announced on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, that it would launch a new online payment service using cryptocurrency in the United States.

PayPal launches into cryptocurrency transactions

The online payment giant PayPal announced Tuesday, March 30, 2021, by way of a press release, its intention to launch a new transaction service using cryptocurrency. This initiative will first be launched in the United States. So, the possibility “ pay in crypto will appear alongside other payment methods already offered by PayPal.

In its press release, PayPal explains that the new service will be ” available to millions of online businesses around the world and gradually over the next few months, customers with cryptocurrency holdings in the United States will be able to choose to pay in crypto, transparently ” . PayPal President Dan Schulman announced that “ the introduction of + Settle in crypto + is in line with our action to support the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency “.

Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity

Thus, PayPal believes that “ Enabling cryptocurrency purchases from businesses around the world is the next step that will drive the ubiquity and massive acceptance of digital currencies “. An omnipresence that is felt, in 2021, 11% of Americans, or 30 million people own Bitcoin, the most widespread cryptocurrency.

PayPal is not the only one to embark on this new type of service. The credit card issuer Visa announced Monday, March 29 that it would accept transactions using cryptocurrency and in this case the USD Coin, a cryptocurrency whose price follows that of a traditional currency. However, the group explained in a statement: “ Visa will experience, one of the largest crypto platforms, and plans to offer USDCoin settlement to other partners later in the year “.