Cutting a geranium: when and how? Tips, tricks and tips

Geranium is one of the stars of balconies and terraces and can even be planted in the ground. He blooms profusely from May until frost. If you want to reproduce your geraniums to vegetate your outdoor space at a lower cost, there is nothing simpler than opting for cuttings. We get a high success rate if you do it at the right time and respect certain points. Here’s how savvy gardeners make their geranium cuttings successful.

When to cut a geranium?

There is not one, but two times of the year that are specifically suitable for geranium cuttings, namely:

  • The spring : this is the moment when nature awakens after long months of dormancy. The vegetation resumes and we can make its cuttings in April in order to achieve excellent results.
  • Thesummer : from the beginning of the month ofAugust until the end of the month of September is an excellent time to cut a geranium.

Note all the same that we can still multiply geraniums in October / November if and only if the weather conditions allow it. It must be hot, which is the case when you are lucky enough to experience the Saint-Martin summer since summer temperatures last until November. Apart from this phenomenon, it is not guaranteed that good results will be obtained if the first frost has already occurred.

How to cut a geranium?

The cuttings are a easy-to-perform multiplication technique and is ideal for inexperienced gardeners. Here is how to go about cutting a geranium in the best conditions.

  • Select a healthy stem, about 15 cm long, with at least 5 leaves and preferably which has not yet flowered,
  • Cut the stem just above a node with a pruning shears previously disinfected and perfectly sharp blades,
  • Remove any buds and remove the lower leaves, those at the top of the stem to be kept,
  • Place the cutting in a glass of water for a few minutes,
  • Fill a biodegradable cup or a small earthenware pot with a pierced bottom:
    • either with a mixture composed of potting soil, of peat and of river sand in equal parts,
    • either with a special cuttings potting soil.
  • Plant the geranium stem in the substrate, taking care not to break it,
  • Pack all around the plant,
  • Water.

Thereafter, it is necessary to ensure keep the soil moist thanks to regular but not excessive watering.

Make geranium cuttings every time: tips and tricks

For a cuttings carried out during the summer, it is recommended to proceed preferably early in the morning because the temperature is still reasonable.

Cuttings made in spring should be placed inside or in a mini greenhouse while waiting for the outside temperature to reach 19 to 20 ° C. If you choose to cover your young plants with geranium, you will have to take care to remove the cover as soon as the buds appear. The cuttings taken in summer are to be placed half-shaded so that they do not suffer from the excessive heat of the afternoon. But in either case, a period of ten days is necessary for the young geraniums to take root.

It’s important to store your young geranium cuttings during the winter in order to protect them from the cold. We choose a room frost-free but not heated, dry and sufficiently ventilated. In spring, when the sun has warmed the earth sufficiently, the geranium cuttings can be transplanted in the ground or in planters, pots or in suspensions for ivy geraniums.

It is interesting to make several cuttings rather than just one, by taking beautiful stems from one or different mother plants. This will make it possible to have a greater number of new geraniums to flower balconies, terraces, windowsills or to create beautiful flower beds. It is also the best solution when you want to bring to your garden a multicolored touch because geraniums come in many colors, and we can also select them according to their foliage.