Cyber-attacks: Darty alerts its customers and does prevention

The French household appliance distribution group Darty has been the victim of a wave of phishing attacks. In an email, the company warns its customers and makes them aware of this kind of computer attack.

A very well orchestrated phishing campaign

Cyber ​​attacks via phishing emails are more and more frequent. The French giant Darty suffered recently. The company therefore decided to warn its customers and took the opportunity to make them aware of this computer threat. The group also wanted to reassure consumers by indicating that no data breach had yet been noted.

In his email to his customers, Darty explains the situation: “ We would like to inform you that Darty is currently the subject of identity theft for fraudulent purposes “. Thus, Darty specifies that the phishing campaign is well orchestrated since it includes in its emails, the logo, but also the graphic charter and the style of the brand. The email is written and presented in the form of an order confirmation from Darty.

Darty specifies that no data breach was found

Darty goes further in his warning by explaining the motivations of the authors of this phishing attack, the aim of which is ” benefit from the reputation of Darty to recover your confidential information and in particular your bank card data “.

A little further, the distribution company specifies that no internal data leak has occurred within Darty. ” We would like to point out that the customer data that could appear on these fraudulent e-mails does not at any time relate to a leak emanating from Darty. “.

Darty also takes the opportunity given to it to do a little prevention, recalling that in no case does an e-commerce company ask its customers to provide confidential data through emails. The group concludes by inviting customers who have received suspicious emails to delete them directly: We therefore invite you not to respond to these fraudulent e-mails and not to click on any links or attachments they may contain. “.

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