Damage insurance for house or wooden chalet structures: estimate and explanations

Do you want to build a wooden house or chalet? Have you thought about taking out book damage insurance?

In order to avoid any risk of default or litigation with your builder of a wooden house or chalet, it is strongly recommended to take out damage insurance. Here is everything you need to know before starting work.

What is the use of home or wood chalet damage insurance?

Wooden houses and chalets are increasingly popular, as are the construction methods in northern Europe, the United States and Canada. It must be said that ecologically, this material has everything to please since it emits few CO2 emissions reducing greenhouse gases. In addition, it is a natural insulator that helps reduce heating bills. Wood is 12 times more insulating than concrete and does not cause condensation.

Individuals who decide to build a wooden house or chalet must not waive their obligations. Among them is the subscription of structural damage insurance before the start of work.

In accordance with the Spinetta law of January 4, 1978, anyone who has construction work carried out by a company must take out this insurance which allows, in the event of a claim, to be quickly reimbursed for all repair work for the damage covered. by the ten-year guarantee. Without this guarantee, the client is forced to wait for justice to rule on the responsibilities of each party, which can take several years.

What does the structural damage insurance cover for the construction of a wooden house or chalet?

This contract covers damage covered by ten-year insurance, that is to say those affecting the solidity of the construction or rendering the work unfit for its use.

Here are examples of claims covered by structural damage insurance for construction of a wooden house or chalet:

  • A total or partial collapse;
  • Significant cracks in the walls or in the structure of the work;
  • Problems of sealing windows and various openings;
  • Leaks in the pipes;
  • A non-compliant electrical installation;
  • Problems related to ventilation, noise or heating.

As soon as the client notices damage covered by the guarantee, he must contact his insurer in order to obtain a compensation proposal.

Our tips for finding the best property damage insurance contract

Has your wooden house or chalet construction project come true? To quickly find a property damage insurance contract, you can use a free online comparator with no obligation. The operation of this tool is simple: all you have to do is fill out an anonymous form to access personalized quotes and choose from the best offers.

Another possibility: turn to a property damage insurance broker who will compare the offers for you after having analyzed your needs. By going through this intermediary, you will be able to save time and save money. But you still have to choose your broker! To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should preferably refer to an experienced and responsive professional. The opinions left by previous customers may help you in your choice.

Do not hesitate any longer, compare the offers with the help of an online tool or ask an experienced broker to subscribe quickly. If you cannot find an insurer, be aware that you can contact the Central Pricing Bureau (BCT) which will require an insurance company to insure you at the chosen rate.

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