Damage insurance for semi-detached house: estimate and explanations

Are you about to have a semi-detached house built or to carry out large-scale work? Structural damage insurance is compulsory.

Structural damage insurance is compulsory insurance that must be taken out by all project owners before undertaking construction or renovation work. How to find the best DO insurance for a semi-detached house? All answers and explanations.

Spinetta Law: obligation to take out property damage insurance

Since 1978, taking out book damage insurance has been compulsory, in accordance with the Spinetta law. This contract covers the client against damage that may occur within 10 years following the expansion or renovation work. The subscriber is then directly reimbursed in the event of a claim, without needing to prove the responsibility of the professionals involved in the construction phase.

Several people are affected by this subscription obligation:

  • Real estate professionals: developers and sellers;
  • Builders of single-family homes, who must display their insurance policy number on their contract;
  • Private clients.

Individuals or professionals who derogate from their obligation take the risk of having to assume alone the repair of any damage suffered. It should be noted that the law does not provide for any sanction against them.

Why take out semi-detached house damage insurance?

Taking out damage insurance for a semi-detached house has several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to obtain rapid compensation if defects occur as a result of the work. The damages covered are those falling under the ten-year guarantee. These are disasters likely to compromise the solidity of the structure or make it uninhabitable (examples: cracks in the walls, subsidence of the floor, collapse of the roof, thermal insulation defect in the walls, defect resulting from vice of soil…).

Second, the work damage guarantee comes into effect after one year following the date of completion of the work and covers the subscriber for 9 years, until the end of the ten-year insurance. Its duration is long enough to allow the client to observe possible defects linked to construction or renovation work.

Third, this insurance can be taken out quickly through the use of a 100% online comparator, free and without obligation. Its operation is simple: after filling out a quick form, it is possible to access quotes that meet your expectations. Subscription can be done entirely online saving valuable time.

Damage insurance for a semi-detached house: how to subscribe?

There are several ways to purchase semi-detached house damage insurance. The first was previously mentioned and consists of comparing offers with the help of an online tool. Competition between insurers is essential to hope to find a contract offering the best quality / price ratio.

Another possibility: go through a damage insurance broker book. This professional knows the market perfectly and will be able to direct you to offers corresponding to your criteria. If you do not want to have to travel, know that you can turn to an online broker. In this case, the expert will inform you of the progress of the research by telephone or by email. He remains available to answer your questions about DO insurance.

Whatever the subscription method chosen, remember to start your research in advance. This anticipation will allow you to take the time to read each contract and the clauses it contains. Indeed, in addition to the price, other elements are very important such as the scope of the guarantees, the franchise and waiting periods or the services offered.